In all aspects of our work, from production to plant marketing, we respect people and the environment. Everything we do, is done while respecting our surroundings. Our greenhouse is rather well climate neutral and therefore the perfect start for the growth of young plants.

Groen Label Kas
Our innovative greenhouse of 2,2 hectare is situated n the greenhouse area ‘Alton’ in Heerhugowaard. The ambition of greenhouse area Alton is to grow fossile fuel free in 2030. The greenhouse of AllPlant has the Green Label Greenhouse certificate, that proves our greenhouse meet the strict environmental requirements.

We use rainwater to water the plants and after that it will be collected and reused. AllPlant does not drain any water and we are registered as such.

Green Energy
Alton (OVAL) has the ambition to stop use fossil fuels for the cultivation in 2030. This means that all energy should be sustainable in Alton.
AllPlant uses only certified green energy for the power supply.

Heating grid
Our greenhouse is connected with the heating grid of the HVC bio-energy plant.
The heat comes free with the production of energy, produced with the bio-rest materials coming from the region. As a result, the generated heat for houses and businesses connected to the grid is 100% green. As AllPlant is only purchasing certified green energy from wind and sun, our energy need is solely coming from sustainable sources. AllPlant will be one of the greenest young plant nurseries in Europe.

Trays from recycled materials
The trays we use, are made of 100% recyclable plastic and at least 90% of recycled materials.

Natural crop protection
By adding natural preparations to the soil, we strengthen our plants against diseases and mold. The healthier the plant, the less pesticides we have to use. If any plagues appear, we try to use biological treatments where possible. Our goal is to fully grow our plants on a natural basis without using chemicals.

MPS-A 804376
AllPlant meets the requirements for the MPS-A certificate. With this certificate the sustainable cultivation of flowers, plants and trees gets stimulated.
The A-qualification stands for the most environmental friendly cultivation.


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